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Listing your location

ICON Locations® specializes in marketing the finest of private estates throughout Southern California and beyond to location companies, film and print productions, and corporate event clientele.

Why List?
You are allowed 14 days of tax-free rental of your home. This can be very lucrative and supplemental to your income.

What we do:
At no obligation to you, a representative of our company will visit your home to get a hands on feel for your location’s potential and photograph your estate. We will then upload the photos onto our website for easy viewing. As inquires come in we will send the production scout to your property and field the incoming offers and contracts. We understand that each homeowner will be more or less concerned with certain aspects and limitations of use. We are here to protect your interests making sure your needs are met and the rules and regulations which you set forth are in the contract before you sign.  Our job is to negotiate the best possible rental fee through insured and reputable companies. In addition to listing your home on our site, we offer the unique service of free marketing to our exclusive clients. We take the time to list your home on all websites that will get you the most rental exposure, field incoming inquiries, and attend all technical scouts after your property has been chosen. You don’t have to lift a finger but to sign a contract and the check you deposit.

The process:
We will pitch you each worthy inquiry/offer with information such as budget, rental period, amount of people on property, and access. When you agree to all the conditions, the renter may need to access your home for multiple scouts to ensure that your property is the correct fit for them. All scheduling will be arranged by Icon and when your home is chosen for an upcoming shoot or event,  an Icon Location representative will be present to ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of. Icon Locations takes a 30% fee which added on top of your location rate and is paid by the production.  You will receive your check before anyone steps on property. This is a standard fee in our industry.  
For your protection, we always collect and hold a negotiated security deposit for any time overages or damages. In addition the renter will be required to provide a certificate of liability insurance which lists the homeowner as an additional insured. You will not need to leave the location during the event/shoot, unless specifically requested by the renter, in which case they should provide a hotel. Credits are often not handed out in the film industry, but you may get mentioned in blogs for events and on our website.   
Some of our Clients:
This Is Us
Banana Republic
West Brands
Estee Lauder
Spiked Seltzer
Boston Proper
Silicon Valley
The Last Ship
California Lottery
Alpha Romeo
Jay Leno's Garage
Showtime’s House of Lies
HBO’s Entourage
Korean Elle
People Magazine
Spike TV
Self Magazine
X Factor
and countless others including music videos, weddings and events.

Site Representative: We provide a professional site-representative with every booking, at no charge to you, that will be there to ensure that the renter is abiding by the contract and that your house is protected, and in the vent that something does occur there is a witness to take note. He/she will be there to open and close the location everyday.

ICON Locations ®
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